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Privacy Policy for Best Seller Hindi Books

Access Best Seller Hindi Books at Keeping our information confidential is our priority.If you have any questions regarding our privacy in your mind or you are interested to know more about it, you can contact us.The given privacy policy is valid only for users visiting our website. This policy is about data shared on Best Seller Hindi Books. This policy is not valid anywhere other than our website.a settlementTo get any information from our website, it is necessary that you agree with our confidential policy. 

Information we collect

We make sure that you share information on us, we keep it completely confidential, and your privacy is not threatened.
If you want to contact us then in that case you will get some information like your name, your mobile number, your email, and the content related to the message. Apart from all this, if you want to share any other information, then it is up to you.

How we use your information.

  • We use information in a different way.
  • To improve the content provided through us
  • In managing our website better
  • To further develop the functionality of our services, products

In the name of contacting us, if any unknown person wants to know your personal information from you and if you have any doubt, please inform us immediately about this. Along with this, behave fully on your behalf.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Like other websites, Best Seller Hindi Books also uses cookies. They are used to collect user information. This information is used to improve the user experience.

Google double click cookies

Google is the only third-party vendor on our website. Our website also displays advertisements to the user like another website. If the user wishes to reject these advertisements, he can visit the appropriate website

Advertising Partner Privacy Policy

In any advertisement displayed on our website, the advertising company uses Java Script, cookies, web screen, and its advertisement appears on the user’s browser.
Note that the best seller Hindi Books has no control over any action taken through the advertising company.

CCPA Privacy Rights

The user has the following rights under this right –

  • When any business collects the user’s information, it is their duty to take care of the user’s privacy before sharing the user’s personal information with anyone else.
  • On user request, user information should be removed.
  • On the request of the user, his personal information should be collected in some parts.

If you want to request us for your personal information then contact us.

GDPR Data Protection Rights

We make sure that you agree with the data protection officer.The right to make corrections – You have the right to contact us for correction of any of your information.
Right to delete data– If you want to delete your personal data through us, then you also have this right.
Right to Prohibit Processing– Your right is that we restrict the version of your information. 
Right to object to processing– You have the right to object with certain conditions.
Right to data portability– The right to transfer the information deposited through us with certain conditions.
If you want to use any rights then contact us.

Information about children

One form of our priority is to provide better information and education to children. We also want to make parents aware that they should keep an eye on the educational activities of children.
We do not collect information about any child under thirteen. If a child has shared any information with us, his parents have the right to contact us to erase the information.
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